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“Our site now ranks #1 in Google putting us in ahead of our competitors. That means we get the calls first!” DJ Dan

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Watch and find out why your Lakeland Tampa or Orlando business needs a website.

I don’t just design websites, I build websites that rank on page #1 of Google and are designed to get you more business.  I take care to understand your business and deliver top ranking websites that your customers will love using. What good is a website if you rank on page 9 of Google?

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High search ranking websites with Ninja-like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) doesn’t have to mean unaffordable prices. With a miniscule range of options suited for small businesses, I’ll help you choose the right solution. At Tholian Web Design, I will go the extra mile with the finishing touches and include everything you would expect to make your website successful.  Web design, hosting, storage, and support are all included.

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Bruce Adams Music tuning business is now the 1st organic search result out of 26,900 results.

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#1 organic search ranking (no paid ads) out of 51.5 million for client Reactory Factory.

Tampa Web Design Music Teacher Website

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Now at the top of page #1 of Google search results for Bruce Adams Music piano lessons.